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00. The sign 01.Cheers 02.Claire and Brian 03.What shall we have 04.Jeff and Chinese relative 05.We can still see you 06.James and Sara 07.Sara and Sylvie 08.Derek and Paul 09.Lesley and Michael 10.Food on the way 11.Claire karate chops Melon 12.Photos and cake 13.Anniversary Cake 14.Party 15.Secret Signal 16.Derek 17.James 18.Gotcha 19.Grub up 20.Point 21.Jammo feeding 22.Sara 23. Sara 24.Mmmm Yes 25.Sara again 26. Brian tucking in! 27.Sara Sylvie and Derek 28.Paul digging in 29.Sylvie Iris and Derek 30.Michael Lesley and Nicole 31.Spielberg
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